Progressive Parental Leave Policy in the Mass General Brigham Neurology Residency

Father holds up infant, mother watching while smiling

Mass General Brigham Neurology Residency leaders recently revised its parental leave policy to better embody equity, fairness, transparency, and wellness values. They discuss the impact of the updated policy and offer suggestions for other programs that wish to implement a parental leave policy with similar goals.


Chest X-ray Not Routinely Indicated After Chest Drain Removal

Chest x-ray showing tension pneumothorax on the left side of lung, needs chest tube drain

Once the final chest drain is removed after cardiothoracic surgery, it is common practice to obtain a chest X-ray to evaluate for air or fluid that may have accumulated in the process of drain removal. However, the results of a retrospective study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital suggest routine imaging isn’t necessary.


Ustekinumab Dose Intensification Safe, Effective for Patients With Chronic Pouch Disorders

Interleukin 23 (IL-23) protein molecule, target of ustekinumab

Patients with ulcerative colitis who require total proctocolectomy with ileal pouch–anal anastomosis can develop a chronic pouch disorder. Because some patients treated with ustekinumab lost response, Brigham researchers explored the effects of intensifying the dosage and found it safe and effective.


Blood Metabolomic Profiles May Predict Outcomes of Endometriosis Surgery in Adolescents and Young Adults

Young Black woman sitting on edge of bed holding abdomen in pain, pelvic pain endometriosis concept

About one-third of patients with endometriosis have persistent pelvic pain after surgical treatment. Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers have conducted the first study of the relationship between presurgical blood metabolites and postsurgical pain in adolescents and young women with endometriosis.


Operative Time Influences Rate of Complications After Radical Cystectomy

Blue rendering with urinary system anatomy highlighted including kidneys and bladder

Radical cystectomy (RC) is a complex procedure requiring the urinary system’s reconstruction. Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers, including Lorine Haeuser, MD, and Matthew Mossanen, MD, MPH, report higher complication rates after both extremely short and extremely long RC procedures.


Sleep Disturbances After Rotator Cuff Repair Usually Resolve Within Six Months

Elderly man leaning back holding left arm where pain is highlighted red coming from upper shoulder

In a large sample of prospectively collected data, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that sleep patterns returned to normal within two years after surgery in 81% of patients and within six months in 77%.


Dana-Farber Brigham Research Suggests Benefit in Flipping Current Guideline for Treating Post-Prostatectomy Patients

MRI image of prostate cancer

Investigators at Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center have uncovered a potentially serious flaw in the current standard of care for patients with positive pelvic node prostate cancer (pN1 PC). They found that adjuvant radiation therapy (aRT) is associated with a decreased risk of death compared with early salvage radiation therapy (sRT) in men with four or more positive lymph nodes. Moreover, the reduction increases by 8% for each additional positive pelvic lymph node found at surgery. Read More

Glioblastoma: Creating a Viral Oasis in an Immune Desert

Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center is world-renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge research. Over the years, its researchers have turned scientific discoveries into life-saving treatments, contributing to the development of 35 of 75 cancer drugs recently approved by the FDA for use in cancer patients. Read More

Dana-Farber Brigham Shaping the Future of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Over the last few decades, Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center has advanced the care and management of head and neck cancer patients through a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. The team has focused on surgical innovations such as free flap reconstruction and minimally-invasive transoral robotic surgery to help patients recover their speech and swallowing functions while delivering highly effective and state-of-the-art therapeutic interventions. Advances in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation delivery techniques have clearly helped to improve patient outcomes. Read More

Proximity of Metacarpal Plates to Adjacent Joints Increases Risk of Implant Removal

Two views of X-ray of human hand with fracture in fifth metacarpal highlighted red

Internal fixation with plates and screws is commonly used to treat isolated metacarpal fractures but can cause stiffness and requires subsequent hardware removal. Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers and colleagues studied factors associated with implant removal in this setting.